Friday, April 14, 2017

Urban Fiction Annotation


By: Keisha Ervin



Mo has been through it all with Quan. Nine years together has brought along more than just love, including three miscarriages, many flings, fights, and reconciliations. However despite it all, Mo remains infatuated and in love. Quan's hustle keeps her well-taken care of financially, but Mo wants more than fancy cars and a nice home, she wants Quan's full heart. But is Quan a perpetual player who will never settle down? Should Mo move on? Can she move on even if she wanted to? Reader's are in store for a wild ride of lies, betrayal, and rebirth in this street lit novel that weaves together themes we all are familiar with, no matter where we call home.


Plot: Like much street literature, the plot is full of bold and shocking events. There are explosive fights, intense betrayal, death, and steamy affairs. The fast pace and continual shocking events keep reader's on their toes.

Characters: The characters, as common with this genre, are facing hard times but looking to rise to the top. They are understanding the need for a better life and working to reach their goals, despite the hardships and setbacks. Also common with this genre are strong female characters. In the first half of the book Mo faces many trials and finds it difficult to stand up for herself or work for her own well-being. However, in the second half of the book, the tides change and Mo finds newfound strength and resilience to accomplish her goals and work for what she needs.

Theme: The common theme in street literature of betrayal is also present in this novel throughout the relationship between Mo and Quan. Along with this theme comes themes of resilience, love, and sacrifice.


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  1. The cover looks like a sex/romance book, but your description makes it sound like much more. Is it an urban lit romance? Or more like a urban soul searching novel? I'm not sure, but it certainly sounds intriguing!

  2. Great annotation! You had me hooked with your summary and appeals! Full points!