Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 16 Prompt

As a child, I read a lot of print fiction books, specifically when I was "bored" (which was very often in the tiny town I grew up in). Now, my reading of print fiction is similar. I still read all day in bed during times I have more free time than usual, usually the summer. However, technology have also introduced many new reading habits that I do not even consciously think about! For example, when trying to find a good book to read as a child, I would often just scan library shelves for a long time until I found a book that stood out to me. Now, I rely on online resources such as Goodreads, blogs, or even Twitter to find new book recommendations. This has led me to read more small publisher or independently published books.

I also do a lot of reading online, but I do not sit and think about it as reading. I am getting news stories, reading friends essays and writing, but if someone had asked me if I had read that day I would still say no! When I "read" and acknowledge the reading is when I am reading a print book. I think technology will continue to fill our time and our days and reading will be a passive experience of reading shorter articles, news stories, or short stories in the online format. However, I think that print books will still remain an option and will still be checked out frequently from public libraries.


  1. You're so right! I didn't consider the fact that we "read" nearly constantly now, even if it's scrolling through Facebook and clicking links!

  2. Wonderful final response! Full points!